Well, I couldn’t let this day pass and not post something!

The incredibly warm Spring turned into an unusually hot summer and very warm Fall, and is about to become a strangely mild winter, though that could change suddenly.

Eleanor is up to her old tricks.  Not only did she hatch out little dorking chicks from her and husband and Lord of THF, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, she also became a surrogate mother to a dozen fuzzy Meat Kings.

Eleanor adopts 12 little Meat Kings

Eleanor adopts 12 little Meat Kings

That’s her daughter in the background, a “teen” from the Spring batch.

Well, that same daughter, now fully grown, has inherited Eleanor’s extreme mothering tendencies.  They hid in the barn sometime in late November, made nests, laid eggs and they have now hatched.  Four chicks each, to boost the Dorking numbers in Nova Scotia by eight.

I did find the nests before they hatched, but I didn’t have the heart to take their eggs away, once they had started developing.

Though it’s warm, it’s not as warm as the little ones require.  Hence, they are in my porch with the mothers, under lights for now.  It certainly creates more work for the farmer.  Whew!  No more babies for now!  Please!

Pictures of the newest babies are forthcoming… In the meantime, I welcome inquiries from potential breeders of the Silver Grey Dorking.  I am running out of space!