Signs of Spring…Kung-Roo Fighting

Even the somewhat docile Silver Gray Dorking gets spring fever. I have several males who were living together as bachelor brothers, but when the days started getting warmer, they started to fight, and I ended up having to separate all of them. This one was in with some nice females, adjacent to another pen with another rooster and hens. Unfortunately, the more uppity roo found a way to break through a spliced section of chicken wire, and when I got home I found this poor fellow hiding under a bush, bloody and bruised, but not mortally wounded.

I took him in the house, of course, washed his wounds, gave him arnica homeopathic remedy (which I find very effective in injuries for people and animals) and kept him quiet in the bathroom with the door closed. In a case like this, the priority is to attend to the wounds first, then try and de-stress the bird with a quiet, comfortable place.

His spirit seemed so broken! He sat there and would not eat for half a day or so. Then I realized I had a nice way to perk him up a little, with one of the winter “chicks”… now in the pullet (older teen, young adult stage). They were still with their mother, old Eleanor.

He started to come back to life very quickly with a cute little female around. She started in on the food immediately, and he started to eat and drink again.  Below you can see the size difference between the two.

Social isolation is not a good thing, for flock creatures like chickens.  Nor for humans!  Here’s a cute example of the immune-boosting power of socializing with good company!  For those who like to know how a story turns out, the rooster (Eleazor) fully recovered within a day or so of companionable living, and is now back with his own flock of “girls.”  He is the sire of a new line of Dorkings who are still in egg form, but are being delivered to incubators and broody hens all over the province this spring and summer.  His wee Florence Nightingale is leaving Turtle Hill Farm this very day, to start a new flock of Dorkings on a new farm, with her sister and another young rooster.