Will I Die if I Eat This?

1999 vintage jam1999 vintage jam bottle copy

I found a bottle of berry preserves on the shelf of my cold room–dating from 1999! Probably the first batch I made here at Turtle Hill. The seal was still well intact, and I had a french pastry crying out for something dark and intense, so I popped the lid. Looks good, smells good, tastes…great! I’ll let you know if it kills me!

The Roosters Earn a Living as Models

Gorgeous living sculptures!  They also make beautiful paintings...

Gorgeous living sculptures! They also make beautiful paintings…

The latest product from Turtle Hill Farm is a line of hand-painted cards featuring some of the residents, namely, the beautiful roosters. I like working in this fresh style which is an oriental approach to art, with deftness of brushwork being an important feature; it is not realistic, yet, it captures the essence of the subject. And I would say, the personality!

These works are done on the spot… with a live bird standing in front of me, not from photos. I’ve nothing against working from photos, but these are meditations, and the spontaneous, in-the-now making of the art is the most important part.

If you want to own a little piece of Turtle Hill, and an original work of art, you can buy cards at my Etsy shop!